Finding Your Purpose...

Finding Your Purpose...

Everyone grapples with questions of purpose and meaning in life. Why am I here? What am I meant to do? These inquiries often linger, especially when we find ourselves in roles that don't fulfill us or align with our true calling. I reached a pivotal moment when I realized that despite pouring my heart into my job at a university/business, it wasn't reciprocating the love. Sure, I cherished my students and derived satisfaction from helping them, but I was losing myself in the process. The demands of the job were consuming, leaving little time for personal well-being or pursuits outside of work. God, however, had other plans in store for me.

When I was nudged away from my "perfect" job, I soon discovered its imperfections. The long hours, constant connectivity, and toll on my health were clear signs that something needed to change. Through introspection and divine guidance, I stumbled upon my true passion: entrepreneurship. Lilyfield Brands emerged not just as a candle company, but as a beacon of inspiration for others to pursue their dreams.

Our sense of smell is profoundly linked to our memories and aspirations. Within the fragrances of our candles lie countless echoes of the life we envision for ourselves. Deep down, we know the path God has set for us and the person He has called us to be. My mission is to embolden others to embrace fearlessness and pursue a Life Lived Well, one filled with purpose and fulfillment.

~Dr. Holland

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