At Lilyfield Candles (LFC), our mission is to kindle the flames of purpose in every individual. We find joy in exploring the passions that propel our friends and family, providing unwavering support throughout their unique life journeys. This fervor for helping others unearth their purpose is the very essence that sparked the inception of Lilyfield Candles. Our aspiration is clear—to empower everyone to uncover their greater purpose and savor a "Life Lived Well."

Dr. Christine Holland, PhD, PA-C is the founder and creator of LFC. By training she is a Physician Assistant (PA) and holds a PhD in Interprofessional Healthcare Studies. She has been a PA for close to three decades and worked in urgent care and internal medicine. The past 11-years, she has worked in academics holding an Associate Professor position and Director of Academic Education in PA education. She has been married to her husband, Shannon, for over 20 years whom she met in PA school. United in marriage and parenting three boys, they embraced the challenges of dual careers in medicine and academics for over two decades. Yet, burnout for Dr. Holland from her academic position, served as a turning point, sparking a renewed passion and inspiration that led her to redefine her path with fervor and purpose.

Dr. Holland, leveraging her knowledge in medicine and wellness/mental health, seamlessly blending her passion for education, birthed Lilyfield Candles—a unique fusion of inspiration and sensory experiences. Each meticulously crafted all natural, hand-poured, soy candle not only carry a distinct scent but also serves as a vessel to unleash the profound, evocative power of scent, known for its ability to elicit memories. With scents carefully curated to tap into the highest connection to our memories, LFC aims to transport individuals back to the days of uninhibited childhood dreams, where possibilities were endless and visions of a "Life Lived Well" were painted with grandeur. The ultimate goal is to create an intoxicating environment that reconnects individuals with those inspiring memories, unlocking the true dreams and aspirations that reside within them.

Dr. Holland is the Editor + Creative Director who carefully creates each hand-poured, all natural soy candle along with selecting new fragrances and writing empowering features to share on the site. She also oversees the expansion of the LFC's brand through new product launches, marketing and business development.

Mr. Shannon Holland leads business operations, managing all logistics, including supply procurement, order fulfillment, and shipping to customers. He is Dr. Holland's number one supporter, always ready to assist and contribute wherever needed. Together, they form an exceptional team!

Mr. Holland and Dr. Holland live in the beautiful town of Trophy Club, TX! When Dr. Holland isn't working on creating new scents, pouring candles or writing an inspirational blog, her and her husband love hanging out with their three amazingly awesome sons, Parker, Braxton and Drew. Traveling, jogging and frequenting their local coffee shops are their other favorite things to do. They have two rescue dogs named Tucker and Hugo whom they adore. Dr. Holland definitely feels the people and culture of her quaint town of Trophy Club help inspire her soy candle scent creations. She definitively counts herself blessed!