Taking Wise Counsel

Taking Wise Counsel

Is taking wise counsel important and if so, why aren't more people doing it? Has our ideals of "my own truth" permiated our society to the point remeniscent of Orson Well's book1984? Well, this is my thought on this crucial issue. Absolutely, listening to those who have walked the path before us is a timeless wisdom. They offer insights, lessons, and perspectives that can illuminate our own journey. It's about learning from their experiences, understanding their successes and failures, and integrating those lessons into our own lives.

Taking counsel and seeking advice is a sign of wisdom. It shows humility and an openness to growth. Each person we encounter has something valuable to teach us, whether it's through their words, actions, or even their mistakes. By being receptive to their guidance, we can gain clarity and direction in discovering our own calling in life.

Learning from others is not about blindly following their footsteps but rather about drawing inspiration, gathering knowledge, and synthesizing it with our own unique experiences and aspirations. It's about crafting our own path while benefiting from the wisdom of those who have gone before us.

Therefore, take some time, pause and listen to those who went before you. Heed their warnings, learn from their mistakes and take to heart their guidance on your journey in life. These pearls of wisdom are just the beginning to helping you create your Life Lived Well!

~Dr. Holland

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