The power of Bergamot (Carpe Diem candle)

The power of Bergamot (Carpe Diem candle)


It's always important to do your research, right, or let me do it for you. Today, I want to teach on bergamot which is in our Carpi Diem candle. This is a scent that most people to say they are looking for when they are ordering a candle. However, this scent has many beneficial properties. 

Bergamot essential oil is more than just a fragrance; it's been a transformative part of my daily routine for years. Sourced from bergamot oranges, this versatile oil has become a staple with its myriad benefits for both my physical and mental well-being.

Derived from the peel of bergamot oranges, this essential oil boasts a wide range of therapeutic properties. From addressing acne and providing pain relief to aiding in sleep disorders and hair care, bergamot oil's versatility makes it a go-to solution for various ailments.

The benefits of bergamot oil extend beyond the physical realm to positively impact mental health. Engaging in aromatherapy with this citrusy gem has proven effective in improving sleep quality, alleviating anxiety, and enhancing overall mood.

In this journey with bergamot essential oil, I'm thrilled to share its multifaceted benefits and versatile applications. However, it's essential to navigate its topical use with caution, and I'll be sharing some precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Let's explore the wonderful world of bergamot oil together!

**Key Takeaways:**
Bergamot essential oil, derived from bergamot oranges, has a rich history dating back centuries, known for its mental and physical benefits.
It contains compounds like β-pinene, limonene, linalool, myrcene, and ocimene, and can be extracted through methods like cold pressing, steam distillation, organic solvent extraction, or supercritical CO2 extraction.
Uses of bergamot oil range from skincare and pain relief to inducing physiological changes for better sleep, reduced heart rate, and lower blood pressure.
Caution is advised, requiring dilution with a carrier oil before skin application due to potential irritation and increased skin photosensitivity. Ingestion is discouraged, especially during pregnancy or nursing, and it is toxic to cats.

**What is it?**
Bergamot essential oil, crafted from compounds in bergamot oranges, has been a go-to remedy since the 16th century, initially used for treating fevers and digestive issues in Italy. Renowned for its therapeutic properties, it aids in stress reduction, skin improvement, and digestion. Its distinctive earthy, sharp, and sweet scent makes it popular in perfumes, cosmetics, and culinary delights like Earl Grey tea. In aromatherapy, its uplifting aroma is believed to positively impact mood and emotions.

**Extraction and Production**
Various extraction methods contribute to bergamot essential oil production, each with distinct advantages. Cold pressing and steam distillation are common methods. Cold pressing yields high-quality, natural oil but can be expensive. Steam distillation is more efficient but may result in a weaker fragrance. Organic solvent extraction and supercritical CO2 extraction are also employed, offering efficiency but potentially leaving traces of solvent in the final product. The choice of extraction method depends on factors like desired quality, fragrance, and cost.

**Physical and Mental Benefits**
Bergamot oil offers a range of benefits for both mental and physical well-being. Aromatherapy massage with bergamot oil, rich in calming compounds like linalool and limonene, can reduce cortisol levels, increase parasympathetic activity, and enhance mental relaxation. Studies show its positive effects on sleep quality and relaxation levels. In skincare, it showcases antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, aiding conditions like psoriasis and promoting collagen production. Additionally, its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects contribute to pain relief. As a sleep aid, bergamot oil induces physiological changes, reducing heart rate and lowering blood pressure for a more restful sleep.

In conclusion, bergamot essential oil emerges as a versatile and beneficial option, addressing a spectrum of needs from skincare to relaxation, offering a natural and holistic approach to well-being.


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