What is the power of Petitgrain?

What is the power of Petitgrain?

What is the power of Petitgrain?

Petitgrain is found in our candle, Unstoppable. It is an essential oil is derived from the bitter orange tree, scientifically known as Citrus aurantium. This evergreen tree is characterized by its smooth grayish trunk, thorns, fragrant white waxy flowers, yellow stamens, and small orange fruits, which are typically darker and smaller than sweet oranges.

The tree produces three kinds of oils:

Bitter orange - also known as C. bigaradia, C. vulgaris, and Seville orange. The oil is produced through cold expression of the rind of the fruit and is sometimes called sour orange bigarade.

Petitgrain - also known as C. bigaradia. The oil is produced through steam distillation of the leaves and twigs. It is commonly called petitgrain bigarade or petitgrain Paraguay oil.

Neroli - also known botanically as C. bigaradia, or C. vulgaris, while the oil is often aptly called orange blossom, orange flower, or neroli bigarade. The rather expensive neroli essential oil is steam distilled from the freshly picked flower of the tree.

There are numerous benefits to petitgrain, however one of its main benefit is its anti-anxiety effect. The relaxing effect of Petitgrain essential oil helps overcome depression and other problems such as anxiety, stress, anger, and fear. It uplifts the mood and induces positive thinking. As an antidepressant oil, you can use petitgrain as a mood stabilizer and antidepressant, to calm anxiety, ease despair and grief symptoms, reduce stress, help with focus and concentration, fight exhaustion and fatigue, and more. With that being said, even though Petitgrain has many benefits, always seek medical advice from a healthcare provider/physician when it comes to depression.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Petitgrain! Try it for yourself. This lovely, sophisticated scent is in our Unstoppable candle.

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